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To help reduce the spread of COVID-19, the State Government has introduced new provisions to prohibit certain indoor and outdoor activities. These include limits on the number of people who can attend a funeral in WA. These restrictions revoke and replace restrictions previously established.

New requirements

A Preventative Order (Preventative Restriction of Activities Direction (No 2)) was issued on 31 March 2020 under sections 157(1)(k) and 190(1)(p) of the Public Health Act 2016.

A link to the order is available from the WA Government website.

The order comes into effect from Tuesday 31 March 2020.

The order prevents any person from undertaking, engaging, organising or attending an affected activity.  An affected activity is a range of gatherings including a funeral.

Attending funerals in certain circumstances

A person can still undertake, engage, organise or attend a funeral if:

  • it involves no more than 10 people (not including those persons whose presence is necessary to conduct the funeral); or
  • it involves only the immediate family (parents, siblings and children of the deceased) and an approval has been granted by an emergency officer.

An emergency officer is a person appointed by the Chief Health Officer under section 174(2) of the Public Health Act 2016.  
Any requests for an approval from an emergency officer regarding attendance at funerals should be made:

  • when desired attendee numbers of immediate family exceed 10 people (not including funeral personnel)
  • as early as possible and sent via email to

Revoked requirements

The new Preventative Order (No 2) revokes the Preventative Restriction of Activities Direction made on 25 March 2020.

Attendees travelling to funerals

While interstate and regional travel restrictions have been put in place, a person may be exempt from this restriction on compassionate grounds if they are travelling to a funeral.

Further information is available on the WA Government website.

Information for the community

Many local governments in Western Australia are responsible for the care, control and management of cemeteries within their districts and may be contacted for further information on the new provisions.

Local governments not responsible for cemeteries may also receive enquiries from the community.

The Department of Local Government and Sport and Cultural Industries has prepared a Fact Sheet to help community members understand the restrictions that relate to attending funerals. The Fact Sheet is available on the department’s website.


Page reviewed 30 July 2019