Government goals

Sustainable Finances: Responsible financial management and better service delivery

Future Jobs and Skills: Grow and diversify the economy, create jobs and support skills development

Strong Communities: Safe communities and supported families; Better Places: A quality environment with liveable and affordable communities and vibrant regions.


Our Priorities: Sharing Prosperity

  • A strong economy
  • A bright future
  • A safer community
  • A liveable environment
  • Aboriginal wellbeing
  • Regional prosperity

Government Reform Goals

  • Community
  • Systems and Structures
  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Leadership
  • People


Creating a vibrant, inclusive and connected WA community.


To enable dynamic and inclusive communities and support the WA economy through effective regulation and the facilitation of outstanding sporting and cultural experiences and opportunities.

What we do

The Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries is responsible for the delivery of the following services to government and the community:

  • Improve capability and outcomes across the local government, sport and recreation and culture and arts sectors
  • Improve participation of CaLD communities within Government and promote, support and celebrate the State’s cultural diversity
  • Contribute to the wellbeing of the community through effective regulation
  • Encourage and enable understanding and acknowledgement of Aboriginal history and contemporary society
  • Facilitate public engagement with highly valued sporting, cultural and recreational spaces and places.

Our approach

We will:

Work collaboratively with the community, all tiers of government and key stakeholders to implement a shared approach to improve community engagement and experience

Be efficient, effective and responsive through an agile and flexible workforce

Respond proactively to State Government imperatives such as election commitments and stated strategic priorities

Contribute to the achievement of whole-of-State Government targets

Use evidence based information to develop community focused engagement and partnerships.


  • Customer Focused
  • Responsive
  • Respectful
  • Accountable
  • Innovative

Key Initiatives

To support the local government sector through a for purpose, sound legislative framework that enables efficient and effective services to communities and good governance and compliance:

  • Local Government Better Practice Reviews
  • Risk assessment model for local government
  • Performance framework and vision for local government
  • Local Government Act reform
  • Local Government Policy Framework
  • Review of the MyCouncil website
  • Review of the EveryClub program including the role of club development between sport and local governments
  • Local and Regional Infrastructure planning and funding support

To promote participation and achievement in sport, recreation, culture and arts:

  • Mid-Tier Events Strategy
  • Facilitate the allocation of appropriate land for Public Open Space policy and the delivery of community infrastructure
  • Facilitate the implementation of the Shared Use Guide for the education facilities (including sport, recreation, cultural and other community uses)
  • Sense of place for the Perth Cultural Centre
  • Regional Film Fund
  • Improving opportunities for women in sport and in sport leadership
  • Delivery of funding programs to support participation in sport and active recreation
  • Delivery of the Art Gallery Elevate 2020 project
  • Facilitate the motorsport industry delivering on the WA Motorsport Strategy
  • Implement the State Sporting Infrastructure Plan
  • To facilitate well-planned, maintained, managed and utilised sporting, recreation, cultural and community infrastructure

To support and grow the cultural industries:

  • State-wide Cultural Infrastructure Strategy
  • Creative Industries Strategy
  • Development of culture and arts infrastructure business case
  • Delivery of the New Museum Project
  • Regional Arts and Culture Investment Program
  • Contemporary Music Fund
  • Regional Exhibition Touring Boost

To promote the benefits of cultural diversity and social inclusion:

  • State-wide Multicultural Policy Framework
  • +8 Festival
  • Implementation of the Community Support Fund
  • Contribute to the objectives of the State Government Asian Engagement Strategy
  • Enhance Asian Engagement via contribution to the State Asian Engagement Strategy and the Asian Engagement Through Sport Funding Scheme
  • Targeted Participation grant program
  • Support CaLD communities to deliver large-scale events to promote social, economic and cultural contributions to attract international and interstate visitors

To ensure liquor and gambling activities are conducted in the public interest:

  • Regulations to support the Liquor Control Amendment Bill 2018
  • Implement the amendments of the Gambling Bill and associated regulations
  • Trial of a Banned Drinkers Register/Takeaway Alcohol Management System
  • Online lodgement of permanent liquor licence applications
  • Investigating and implementing methods for prohibiting wagering contingencies
  • National Framework for Consumer Protection for online gambling

To celebrate Aboriginal culture and preserve history and traditions:

  • State-wide Aboriginal Engagement Strategy
  • Develop effective partnerships and improved information management to increase access to Aboriginal family history information
  • Broaden the role of the Aboriginal Sports Council
  • Incorporation of Aboriginal interpretation into trails development
Page reviewed 25 June 2019