Local Government Act Review

​Modernising local governmen​t.

On 1 August 2018 the State Government Announced its policy positions on the priority reforms Act Review following a four month consultation period with the community and local government ​sector. Drafting of an Amendment Bill including the priority reforms is now underway.

Phase one addresses the below key areas: 

  • Meeting community expectations of standards, ethics and performance
  • Meeting public expectations for accountability, including gift disclosures
  • Electronic availability of information
  • Building capacity through introducing administrative efficiencies.

The discussion paper for phase one was released on 8 November 2017 and public consultation closed on 9 March 2018.



The public submission period on phase one closed on 9 March 2018. More than 240 submissions were received.

The department acknowledges those who have provided submissions to the review.

171 submissions received are for available viewing below.

All submissions will be considered during the review.

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