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ICT Strategic Framework

Last updated: 17/04/2018 5:09 PM
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Information is a strategic resource that underpins the key functions and decision making processes of a local government. The way information is managed, including the technology used to support it, is therefore central to local government business practices. Alongside its physical, human and financial resources, a local government must manage its information in a way that enables services to be delivered that best meet community needs and the priorities set by council.

Integrated Planning and Reporting (IPR) Framework

The Integrated Planning and Reporting (IPR) Framework and Guidelines sets out how local governments should plan for their future through the development of Strategic Community Plans and Corporate Business Plans. The resources needed to implement these plans are identified and managed through asset management plans, workforce plans and long-term financial plans.

In a similar way, information and information technology resources can be planned for and managed so that they support the strategic objectives and priorities of the local government, as well as ensuring the business continuity of its day-to-day operations. ICT is also an important foundation for the other resourcing plans.

ICT Strategic Framework

The ICT Strategic Framework sets out the key components that need to be considered in managing a local government's information resources. It represents the key elements, and their relationships, that might be expected in an 'ideal' environment. In reality, the extent to which it is applicable will obviously depend on the size and complexity of the local government. It recognises that there will be differing capacity with the local government sector to implement ICT and to manage it in line with the IPR Framework.

The ICT Framework is not a compliance requirement. It is a resource that local governments can use to plan for, manage and review their information and technology assets.