State of Emergency Declaration occasional liquor licence

Requirements when applying for a state of emergency declaration occasional liquor licence as per the Liquor Control Act 1988 (the Act)

To support the liquor industry the Director of Liquor Licensing will grant occasional liquor licences to existing licensed venues for up to 6 months to allow the sale of liquor with a takeaway or delivered meal. 

Licensees with permanent licences of the following types will be able to apply:

  • Restaurant Licence
  • Small Bar
  • Tavern Restricted
  • Hotel Restricted
  • Club Restricted
  • Special Facility Caterer.

Packaged liquor will be limited to one bottle of wine and one 6 pack (beer, cider or pre-mixed spirits) per order (the six pack can be in any combination).

The permitted hours for packaged liquor sales will be between 12 noon and 12 midnight.

The sale of liquor can only occur between the purchaser and the licensee (i.e. not a third party on behalf of the purchaser).

Applications will be fast-tracked and application fees will be waived.

Application forms will only be accepted by email. The dedicated email address for application lodgement is

If you have any further queries about this licence please call 61 8 6551 4904.

Download the application form

The licence is only valid whilst the Closure of Certain Places of Business, Worship and Entertainment Direction issued on 23 March 2020 or any subsequent order requiring your business to remain closed to the public is in effect.
Page reviewed 14 May 2021