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Finding common ground

A coach watching her players train

​​Finding common ground has been the key focus of the department's funding review into sport and recreation programs.

Thanks to all local governments who have provided comment on the department's 'Common Ground' discussion paper.

Since commencing a comprehensive funding review in March 2018, there have been robust discussions on the shape and form of the Western Australian sport and recreation industry. 

There have also been discussions about what the funding review should look like. 

A general view has been to identify the 'common ground' of where the industry and the department align and then to focus time and energy into those areas where further discussion is required.

Each year, 14 million Australians participate in sport and recreation, with a further 1.8 million volunteering, and 220,000 finding employment in the sector.

Your opinion is important because many of these sport and recreation activities take place on local government land or facilities, delivering tangible benefits for WA's communities. For example, the average community football club returns $4.40 in social value for every $1 spent.

A series of metropolitan and regional workshops also form part of the consultation and will explore the 17 areas of discussion contained in Common Ground. Parks and Leisure Australia (WA) hosted one of the workshops, which was attended by representatives of local government and WALGA.

There will also be the opportunity for a series of 'leadership forums' to be hosted by Sport and Recreation Minister Mick Murray as part of the consultation process.

A report detailing the initial findings will be drafted in December 2018 with a secondary consultation process to occur before the final findings being presented in March 2019.

Recommendations will be implemented for the commencement of the 2019-20 financial year.

Read Common Ground or for more information contact