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For the love of puppies


​Extensive community consultation has revealed that Western Australians love their dogs, supporting the State Government's proposals to reduce the impact of puppy farms in WA.

Following a three-month consultation undertaken by the department on the proposed laws to address puppy farming, 4,754 submissions were received.

Seventy-seven per cent of respondents were supportive of mandatory dog de-sexing for non-breeding dogs, 61 per cent were supportive of transitioning pet shops to adoption centres and 83 per cent were supportive of a centralised registration system.

The work that local governments do with rescue organisations and shelters to ensure the health and welfare of dogs is extremely valuable and your opinion on how these important reforms will be implemented is critical. Thanks to all local governments which made a submission.

The reforms aim to contribute to a more regulated breeding industry, and a reduction in the number of dogs needing rehoming and suffering neglect.

Local governments are reminded to encourage community members to do their research when purchasing companion animals in the lead up to the holiday season by buying puppies from registered breeders or adopting from a local shelter.

The department continues to work alongside our partners to bring about meaningful change and address the concerns the community has expressed around the breeding and welfare of dogs. We will continue to keep you informed as this project progresses.

View the Stop Puppy Farming summary consultation results.