Governance is how an organisation is managed.

Boards and directors

Helpful information for boards and directors.


Advice on using and developing a constitution.

An organisation that demonstrates good governance can:
  • Develop strategic goals and direction.
  • Monitor organisation performance to ensure it achieves its strategic goals, has effective systems in place and complies with legal and regulatory obligations.
  • Act in the best interests of its members.

Governance is the system by which organisations are directed and managed. It influences how the objectives of the organisation are set and achieved, spells out the rules and procedures for making organisational decisions and determines the means of optimising and monitoring performance, including how risk is monitored and assessed.

Australian Sports Commission Sports Governance Principles March 2012

The Australian Sports Commission’s Sports Governance Principles can assist organisations to develop, implement and maintain a robust system of governance.

The following areas contribute to good governance:

  • Board and Directors
  • Constitutions
  • Committees
  • Meetings and quorums
  • Codes of conduct and ethics
  • Templates.

A sound investment

Thed epartment provides significant financial resources to many sporting and recreational organisations to assist them in achieving their service delivery outcomes for the benefit of the community. In return, the government has a range of governance performance measures recipient organisations have to meet, regardless of level (local club, regional and/or state association), which include:

  • Clarity in governance roles
  • Effective decision-making processes
  • Democratic processes
  • Commitment to continual improvement
  • Transparency and accountability.
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