Complaints, compliments and suggestions

We want to hear what you have to say about our services. Your feedback will let us know what is important to you, as we continuously try to improve our services.

Making complaints can be hard, but it is important to speak up if you feel you have been treated unfairly, and especially if you do not feel safe.

DLGSC is committed to effective complaint handling and values the feedback you provide.

All feedback and complaints will be taken seriously, and we will do everything within our ability to resolve them.

Our preferred method to receive your feedback is via our online form below. You can also make a complaint by calling us on 61 8 6552 7300.

Policies and procedures

Complaints process

  1. We will contact you as soon as we can within 10 working days (or 3 working days for children and young people) of receiving your complaint to talk to you about it.
  2. Once we have spoken to you we may need to do more investigation. We will ask if you would like to be informed while we do this.
  3. Our staff will update you about how your complaint is being handled. We will try to solve the problem within 60 working days (or 15 working days for children and young people). When the problem has been solved, we will contact you to explain what happened.
  4. If you don’t want regular updates, that's okay. We will try to solve the problem within 60 working days (or 15 working days for children and young people). When the problem has been solved we will contact you to explain what happened.
  5. If you are not happy with the result you can contact the Ombudsman’s office. Information about this will be provided to you.

Top tips on how to make a complaint

This video encourages children and young people to speak up if they feel unsafe or believe they have not been treated fairly. Making a complaint can be hard for children and young people but it is important so people can learn and so mistakes can be corrected.

Your feedback

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Resolving a concern with your council

​​If you have a concern involving your local government you should attempt to resolve it directly with them first.

Complaints related to licensed premises

Section 117 of the Liquor Control Act 1988 provides for a complaint to be lodged against a licensee if the noise coming from, or the behaviour of patrons at, a licensed premises is affecting the people residing in or attending premises such as a school or hospital in the neighbourhood.

Customer service charter

The mission of the Department of Local Government Sport and Cultural Industries is to enable dynamic and inclusive communities and it does this by supporting the WA economy through effective regulation and the facilitation of outstanding sporting and cultural experiences and opportunities.

Our customer service standards

Our staff will:

  • identify themselves
  • listen carefully to what you have to say
  • be helpful, polite and courteous
  • follow through on commitments
  • provide clear and concise information and advice
  • value and encourage your feedback.

Our information will be:

  • easy to access
  • accurate and consistent
  • relevant and practical.

Our actions will:

  • be fair and impartial
  • be completed within a specified timeframe
  • take your individual needs into consideration.

Our commitment

We will:

  • answer telephone calls promptly and respond to telephone messages by the end of the next working day
  • respond to verbal enquiries within five working days
  • respond to written enquiries within 10 working days
  • respond to complaints within 10 working days
  • keep you informed of the progress of your inquiry, feedback or complaint
  • acknowledge and advise on the remediation of a valid complaint.

How to give us feedback or lodge a complaint

We encourage you to assist us in improving our products and services by contacting us to:

  • advise us when our services have been delivered efficiently and effectively and when they have not
  • offer suggestions on what we might do differently
  •  tell us how you think we can improve our services.

When you lodge a complaint

To assist us in dealing with your complaint, we request that you:

  • try to resolve the issue before progressing a complaint, for example, by contacting the staff member who initially dealt with your complaint
  • provide clear and concise information relating to your complaint
  • treat our staff with respect and courtesy.


As a general rule, the department can only deal with complaints from the person who is affected. However, if you are not in a position to act on your own behalf, the department may accept a complaint form from:

  • a legal or other adviser
  • a family member, or another nominated representative.

The department may ask the person affected to confirm in writing that they have agreed to a representative acting on their behalf.

What to include in your complaint

Your complaint must include details relating to the following:

  • who or what you are complaining about
  • the nature of the complaint
  • how you have been affected by the issue you are complaining about
  • when the issue and/or incident occurred
  • details of any telephone conversations and/or meetings with staff of the department relating to the complaint
  • copies of any relevant documents (e.g. letters)
  • what action you have taken to try and resolve the issue
  • the outcome you are seeking.

When we receive your complaint

We will:

  • formally acknowledge receipt of your complaint;
  • ensure details of the complaint are kept confidential and that they will only be discussed with the relevant people in the department
  • consider your complaint carefully
  • treat you fairly, impartially and with courtesy and respect
  • keep you informed about the progress of your complaint
  • explain to you the reasons for any decision we make
  • tell you about any action we have taken
  • use your complaint to help improve our products or services
  • provide you with a remedy if the complaint is upheld
  • tell you about further opportunities for a review if you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint.

There is no charge for lodging a complaint.

How you can help us

To enable the department to ensure a high standard of service, we ask our customers to:

  • treat our staff with respect and courtesy
  • provide us with their contact details and advise us if they change
  • advise our staff if you need extra support or assistance when dealing with us
  • cooperate with our requests in order to respond to your query or complaint, including the provision of accurate information
  • provide feedback so we can deliver better services
  • contact us as soon as possible if you have any issues or concerns.

The department has a responsibility to provide staff with a safe working environment and therefore does not accept:

  • any abuse or discrimination, whether written or verbal
  • threatening behaviour or intimidation
  • serious or persistent harassment
  • any behaviour that causes anyone to feel intimidated, threatened, frightened or physically at risk.

If a customer displays any of the above behaviours when dealing with the department, we may immediately cease interactions with them, and we reserve the right to set limits or conditions on how they may engage with us in the future.

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