Council member training

On 27 June 2019, changes to the Local Government Act 1995 were passed by Parliament which require all council members to undertake training within the first 12 months of being elected.

The changes have been introduced in recognition of the unique and challenging role that council members have. The training course, Council Member Essentials, has been developed to provide council members with the skills and knowledge to perform their role as leaders in their district.

Council Member Essentials units

The Council Member Essentials course has five foundational units. All council members will be required to complete:

  • Understanding local government
  • Serving on council
  • Meeting procedures
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Understanding of financial reports and budgets

All council members will have to complete the Council Member Essentials course unless, in the previous five years, they have passed the Diploma of Local Government 52756WA (Elected Member) or the course titled LGASS00002 Elected Member Skill Set.

Training providers

Local governments have a choice of the following approved training providers to deliver the Council Member Essentials course:

Page reviewed 29 April 2024