Safety and integrity

Support, resources and information to creating safe club environments.

Integrity is the basis of sport's reputation for fair and ethical behaviour. The department acknowledges that industry leadership is essential to retain community confidence that sport in Western Australia is being played in a safe, fair and ethical way.

The incidence of integrity issues across areas such as sports betting, child safety, drugs (performance and image enhancing drugs, illicit drugs and alcohol), concussion, corruption, violence and inappropriate behaviour threatens the positive reputation and image of sport and recreation. 

It’s important to proactively develop responses to safeguard the integrity and values which makes sport and recreation a fundamental part of Australian culture. 

Leading the way

Western Australian community standards and norms continue to evolve and it is the department's responsibility to lead the way in ensuring that the sport and recreation industry keeps up with these changes in our society.

The department collaborates with a variety of other organisations including SportWestAustralian and New Zealand Sports Law Association (ANZSLA), WA Police (WAPOL) and Sports Medicine WA (SMAWA) to provide support, resources and information to the industry and wider community.

The department provides policy position statements on a range of industry issues, such as alcohol and community sport, child safeguarding, concussion, performance enhancing drugs in sport and match-fixing. 

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