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Last updated: 17/10/2018 19:16
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​​​Premier Mark McGowan recently announced significant changes to the way the public sector will be structured, seeing the number of WA Government departments reduced from 41 to 25.

The changes are designed to provide better services to the community and maximise opportunities to deliver a more efficient and effective public sector for all West Australians.

The Department of Culture and the Arts, Department of Sport and Recreation, Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor, and the local government and office of multicultural interests functions of the Department of Local Government and Communities will amalgamate to establish the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries. The Department of Aboriginal Affairs' Aboriginal History Research Unit has also joined the new ​Department. 

Director General, Mr Duncan Ord, will lead the new Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries. 

Message from the Director General

"I see the reforms as providing new opportunities for the new department to further contribute to the lives of Western Australian communities and families", Mr Ord said.

"I am certain that with everyone's support, the new department will work with partners across government and within its diverse sectors to enliven the Western Australian community and economy through support for and provision of sporting, recreational, cultural and artistic policy, programs and activities for locals and visitors to the State," he added. 

In announcing the changes, the Premier stated that this significant reform is aimed at creating collaborative departments focused on whole-of-Government objectives and delivering services in the most efficient way, including using new technology.


Executive leadership roles



Director GeneralDuncan Ord
Deputy Director General – RegulationMichael Connolly
Assistant Director GeneralMargaret Butcher
Executive Director Corporate Services Glen Kar
Executive Director Planning and Service Delivery, and Sport and Recreation (WA)Nick Sloan
Executive Director Culture and the Arts (WA)Colin Walker
Director Aboriginal Culture and History (WA)Anna Wyatt
Acting Executive Director Office of Multicultural Interests (WA) Kim Ellwood
Executive Director Infrastructure​Lisa Fanciulli
​​Chief Financial OfficerShanaeya Sherdiwala
Chief Information OfficerGavin Bagley​