Training and workshops

Upcoming workshops and the latest online videos and training.

A club is only as good as its volunteers and members. So get a head start and take advantage of a number of opportunities for training, workshops and online guides.


Video one.

This video provides an introduction to governance and what it means for your association or club.

The committee of management

Video two.

This video provides an overview of the group of people elected or appointed to manage your association or club.

How to be an effective president

Video three.

This video explains the concept of leadership and the role of the club president.

Club rules

Video four.

This video explains the set of rules for the running of your club.


Video five.

This video explains what it means for your club to be incorporated.

Developing policies and procedures

Video six.

Policies and procedures are operating documents to help your club.

Recruitment and retention of your committee

Video seven.

Is your committee representative of your members and skilled enough to govern?

Effective and efficient meetings

Video eight.

Effective meetings help your organisation operate efficiently.

The importance of an agenda

Video nine.

A good agenda will serve as a guide to make meetings more efficient and productive.

Governance checklist

Video ten.

An overview of the Club Business videos and a checklist to identify what your club does well and what can be improved.

Page reviewed 11 May 2023