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Local government makes a big difference in our everyday lives. It defines the places we live, work and play in.

Western Australian councils employ around 15,000 people and manage more than $40 billion of community assets.

Your local council provides a range of services to you every day, such as roads and footpaths, rubbish collection services, libraries, parks and playgrounds, community services and events, infrastructure and recreation facilities.

This section explains some of the activities undertaken by councils. For details of specific activities in your local area, contact your local council.

Put yourself forward

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Local government candidate induction

It's now compulsory for all candidates nominating in a local government election to complete the department’s online induction.

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Council elections

​​​​​Local government elections play an important role in Western Australia’s democratic system.

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My council

Information about your council and local governments across WA

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Local Government Act Review

The first significant reform of local government conducted in more than two decades

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Off-road vehicle areas

Information on permitted and prohibited areas for off-road vehicles

Gravestones on a grassy field

Cemeteries and burials

Burials outside proclaimed cemeteries

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Cats and dogs

The department is responsible for administering the Dog Act 1976 and the Cat Act 2011.

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Stop Puppy Farming

Dogs are an important part of many Western Australian families and promoting responsible dog ownership and the future health and welfare of dogs is a priority for the State Government.

Page reviewed 02 September 2019