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The Combat Sports Commission came into being on 1 March 2013 and is the continuation of the body known as the Professional Combat Sports Commission and the Boxing Commission before that.

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An online registration portal for contestants and industry participants.

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New online registration portal

The Combat Sports Commission online portal is now live for all Western Australian contestant and industry participant registrations.

It will streamline the registration process and offer a number of benefits to registrants.

Contestants and industry participants will have the ability to: 

  • view and update personal details
  • view current registration details including:
  • registration number
  • registration capacity
  • registration expiry dates
  • track the progress of your applications
  • view expiry dates for Serology and Certificate of Fitness
  • upload your Serology and Certificate of Fitness documents
  • view fight records.

Current registrants will receive an email invite to register with the new portal. If you have not received this email by 5pm Friday 14 August, please contact


Combat Sports Commission portal

News and information

Combat sport permits

All combat sports contests must adhere to the Combat Sports Act 1987 and the Combat Sport Regulations 2004.

Legislation, regulations and fact sheets

General information for combat sports.

Forms and fees

Forms and fees for contestants, matchmakers, promoters, trainers and others involved in combat sports.


Rules for Boxing, Muay Thai, Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts.

Suspensions and disciplinary actions

Suspensions and disciplinary actions issued by a medical practitioner or actioned by the Commisison.

Commission policies

A list of policies for combat sports in Western Australia.

Health and safety

Important health and safety information including the dangers associated with weight cutting.

Online education unit

This unit provides essential information regarding registering with the Commission and participating in combat sports.

Strategy to Address Rapid Weight Loss (Weight Cutting) by Dehydration cover

Strategy to Address Rapid Weight Loss (Weight Cutting) by Dehydration

Strategic plan
The strategy will be implemented on a 12 month trial basis and reviewed by the Commission upon receipt of sufficient data to determine the degree to which the strategy has been effective in curbing dangerous weight cutting behaviours.
Combat Sports Commission logo

Signing of Wraps and Gloves

This position statement is to delineate the responsibility of the signing of contestant wraps and gloves at Combat Sports Commission (the Commission) sanctioned events.
Combat Sports Commission Annual Report 2018-19 cover

Combat Sports Commission 2018-19 Annual Report

Annual report
For the safety and organisation of combat sports.
Contestant Safety Strategy to Address Rapid Weight Loss (Weight Cutting) by Dehydration cover

Contestant Safety Strategy to Address Rapid Weight Loss (Weight Cutting) by Dehydration

Weight cutting is a dangerous practice often inappropriately undertaken in combat sports.

Combat Sports Commission 2017-18 Annual Report

Annual report
For the safety and organisation of combat sports.


The Commission consists of nine members who are appointed by the Minister for Sport and Recreation.

These members include:

  • One person who is appointed Chairperson.
  • A member who represents contestants in the sport of boxing.
  • A member with industry knowledge of the sport of boxing.
  • A member who represents contestants in combat sports other than boxing.
  • A member with knowledge of combat sports other than boxing.
  • A member with knowledge of the combat sport known as Mixed Martial Arts.
  • A member who is a medical practitioner with knowledge of combat sport injuries.
  • A member appointed by the Commissioner of Police.
  • A member who represents the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries.

Combat Sports Commission Independent Review

An independent review of the Commission’s policies, procedures and operations around the preparation for contests has been undertaken following the death of a registered contestant undertaking a weight cut in the lead up to a contest.


Under the Combat Sports Act 1987, the Commission has the capacity to register contestants and industry participants, enforce health and safety guidelines, issue permits for contests and issue fines for breaches of the law and/or permit conditions. Recent amendments to the combat sport legislation have extended the Commission's jurisdiction to amateur contests and these provisions came into force on 1 March 2013.

Although the Commission has the power to cause change and requires participants to adhere to certain practices and procedures, it is the intent of the Commission to work with the industry and its' participants in a cooperative partnership for the benefit of everyone involved in the Western Australia's combat sports industry.

Legislation, regulations and laws

Combat sports are regulated by the Combat Sports Act 1987 and the Combat Sports Regulations 2004, which are administered by the Combat Sports Commission.

The laws have changed and as of 1 March 2013 new provisions came into effect extending the coverage of the Combat Sports Act 1987 to include both professional and amateur combat sports.

Under this amended legislation all professional and amateur contestants and industry participants (promoters, managers, trainers, referees, judges and timekeepers) are required to register with the Commission. These changes are aimed at safeguarding the health of contestants, reducing the potential for the transmission of blood borne diseases and ensuring that contests within Western Australia are run to a high standard.

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Combat Sports Commission

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