About the project

The Aboriginal Cultural Centre presents an extraordinary opportunity to celebrate the diversity of Aboriginal cultures and communities across Western Australia on a state, national and international platform.

Western Australia’s Aboriginal creative and cultural sector is one of the most significant in Australia, yet there exists no wholly-dedicated centre which celebrates, explores and strengthens culture.

A purpose-built Aboriginal Cultural Centre will promote and celebrate Aboriginal arts, cultural practice and support cultural identity — all of which contributes to improving health and wellbeing outcomes for Aboriginal people.

The Aboriginal Cultural Centre may create:

4 project benefits image:  Greater awareness, understanding & celebration of Aboriginal culture, heritage and country; Advancement in truth-telling, justice, healing & reconciliation; increased economic opportunities; stronger connection/collaboration

The project is guided by the following principles:

Orange circle with the words, 'Culture, Spirit and Country at heart'

Culture, Spirit and Country at the heart

Demonstrating respect for connection to Country and the importance of Country as a foundation for law, spirituality, and culture.

Light green circle with the words, 'Recognition and truth-telling'

Recognition and truth-telling

Progress justice and healing through promoting awareness of culture and the historical and ongoing impact of past actions.

Green circle with the word, 'Empowerment'


Build cultural understanding and respect through empowered engagement to boost economic and social opportunities for Aboriginal people.

Red circle with the word, 'Connection'


A flagship institution that will build multifaceted connections with communities to generate cultural and economic opportunities.

6 seasons framework

Intellectual property of Dr Richard Walley OAM.

The 6 seasons framework outlines each phase of the Project’s development which is connected to Noongar boodja (Country) seasons and life cycle.

6 seasons framework image as described below



Fertility: the natural early gathering and the scoping of project themes and narratives.

  • Investigation and initiation.

Business case


Incubation: the narratives and themes grow and develop, gradually taking shape.

  • Planning, design and implementation.
  • Engagement.

Project definition (we are here)


Birth: the birth of the ideas, narratives and themes that shape the deliver of the place.

  • Planning, design and implementation.
  • Engagement.

Project delivery


Childhood: the place comes to life through physical development.

  • Planning, design and implementation.
  • Engagement.


Adolescence: themes and narratives are layered across the place and physical delivery is complete.

  • Planning, design and implementation.
  • Engagement.

Centre operational


Adulthood: the place transitions into a life of its own.

  • Handover.
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