COVID-19 Creative Industries Impact Survey

The department is conducting a targeted survey to assess COVID-19 impacts on employment and revenue in the creative industries in Western Australia. 

About the survey

The survey is the creative sector’s opportunity to provide critical data for a statistically reliable survey on the employment and revenue impacts of COVID-19 on the broader creative industries across WA.

Creative industries being investigated in this survey include: 

  • film, TV and radio 
  • writing and publishing 
  • fashion, jewellery and textile design 
  • performing arts venue operation 
  • set, lighting and production design
  • visual arts, music, theatre and comedy 
  • dance, circus, opera and orchestra 
  • interactive VR/AR/XR artists 
  • games publishing and development 
  • libraries, art galleries and museums.

We are seeking contributions from freelancers, businesses and organisations engaged in creative industries who create, perform, produce or present artistic or cultural works.   

The study seeks to: 

  • measure lost revenue by market segment 
  • report on the number and type of jobs and work lost 
  • report on access to financial support, including JobKeeper, JobSeeker and grants.

The survey will help to build a robust and reliable sector profile for Western Australia, understand the current situation and plan for the future.   

Help us understand and measure the impact of COVID-19 on revenue and employment in the creative industries in WA.

Page reviewed 03 August 2020