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Section 175(1a) enables the Governor, on the recommendation of the Minister for Racing and Gaming to declare an area of the state a restricted area that prohibits the bringing in, possession and consumption of liquor in the declared area. In addition, penalties apply where a person commits an offence against the regulations and in this regard, the Police have the necessary powers to seize and dispose of opened or unopened containers of liquor that are brought into the restricted area illegally.

A request to the Minister should be made in writing by the CEO of the Council for a community seeking to be declared a restricted area. The letter should advise whether the community, as a whole, supports the regulations that will apply to all of its members.

Section 64 of the Act allows for the Director of Liquor Licensing, where it is in the public interest, to impose conditions on licensees restricting the sale and supply of liquor from licensed premises. A condition may include a limitation, prohibition or an authorisation on any licence or permit and can relate to any aspect of business carried out under the licence, or any activity that takes place at the licensed premises.

Background information on the restrictions are available in various media releases and  Director's Decisions.

These restrictions are displayed on the restrictions map.


Page reviewed 07 September 2021