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L-R: Jordan Gibbs (Culture Counts); Colin Walker (DLGSC); Professor Rick Cummings (Murdoch University); Marina Juesten (DLGSC); Michael Chappell (Culture Counts); Ben Fitzpatrick, Virginia Withers (City of Perth).

Culture Counts is a digital data collection and analysis system that evaluates feedback from multiple sources including artists, their peers and the public to measure the impact and value of any given activity. The department developed the Culture Counts system with Pracsys in a public private partnership. This WA system has progressed quickly with the support of the sector and a growing national and international reputation. In the UK, Arts Council England selected Culture Counts and its UK partner Counting What Counts Ltd to provide the service for their new impact and insight toolkit.

The department and City use Culture Counts to measure outcomes of arts and cultural activities they fund. By applying a shared evaluation framework across different levels of government agencies, organisations are ensured a simpler and improved process to measure and report on their outcomes.

More information on the 2019 IPAA Achievement Awards.

Page reviewed 07 September 2021