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The Local Government Legislation Amendment Act 2019 introduced a range of new reforms when it was passed by Parliament in June 2019.

To assist with implementing the new reforms, the checklist below has been developed to clarify the provisions that have already taken effect where specific action is required by local governments.

New legislative requirements

  • The following documents need to be published online from 6 July 2019:
    • Proposed and current local laws (consolidated copy)
    • Business plans for a major land transition or major trading undertaking
    • Policy for the temporary employment or appointment of the CEO
    • Policy for payments to employees in addition to their contract or an award
    • Code of conduct for employees
    • Code of conduct for council and committee members
    • Gifts register
    • Register of financial interests
    • Register of complaints of minor breach compiled under section 5.121
    • Map of the district (including ward boundaries)
    • Annual budget
    • List of fees and charges under section 6.16
    • Current plans for the future of the district made under section 5.56
    • Confirmed council and committee meeting minutes
    • Minutes of electors’ meetings
    • Notice papers and agendas relating to council and committee meetings that have been tabled or produced by the local government and presented at a council or committee meeting
    • Adverse findings from the Standards Panel or State Administrative Tribunal
    • Objects and reasons for the imposition of differential rates
  • The gift register must be updated within 10 days of a disclosure being made
  • All council members elected in 2019 are required to complete the Council Member Essentials training within 12 months
  • The following policies need to be developed and endorsed by Council:
    • Attendance at events policy
    • Continued professional development policy Candidate profiles
  • Complaints made to the Standards Panel must remain confidential
  • The period of time to lodge a complaint to the Standards Panel is six months

Further regulations will be gazetted in the coming months which will increase the information that needs to be made available online and in the annual report. The regulations will also give effect to the new public notice requirements and harmonisation of authorised people.

Reminder: The draft Code of Conduct and CEO Standards are currently out for consultation. Submissions close on 6 December.


Page reviewed 06 May 2022