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Abandoned place with garbage all over floor and urban paintings all over walls.

Since the early 1990s, the State Government have attempted to address graffiti proliferation using different methods and management models. Despite this investment in the delivery of previous initiatives, public concern continued to grow and so does the burden of state-wide graffiti removal costs.

A more comprehensive approach was adopted by the State Government, starting with the establishment of a State Graffiti Taskforce, the allocation of additional resources to the WA Police Force Graffiti Team, the development of the Tough on Graffiti Strategy 2015-2017 and the Graffiti Vandalism Strategy Western Australia 2019–2021.

The strategy provides a framework through which new and existing graffiti management initiatives can be implemented state-wide.

To assist in implementing the strategy, the WA Police Graffiti Team has developed the Goodbye Graffiti website to provide information to assist local governments and the Western Australian community with graffiti removal, reporting and prevention advice.

The website contains information, resources and programs developed specifically for local governments. These include:

  • Graffiti management toolkits
  • Graffiti management plans
  • Goodbye Graffiti resources
  • Grant programs.

A key component of the strategy is the rapid removal of graffiti. Rapid removal is seen as best-practice in graffiti reduction as it diminishes the level of recognition and reward achieved by graffiti vandals. Prompt graffiti removal also prevents assets from appearing uncared for.

The State Government ensures the rapid removal of graffiti through the Graffiti Vandalism Removal Standards. These standards require all public sector bodies to adopt a 48-hour graffiti vandalism removal standard for their assets (from the time of reporting), with immediate removal if the graffiti is racist or obscene.

Local governments are encouraged to adopt a similar approach to graffiti removal from their assets.

The Graffiti Team are available to assist local government with the implementation of rapid removal practices, other prevention methods and to provide resources for local governments and other community organisations. 

If you have any questions or requests for Goodbye Graffiti resources, please email the Graffiti Team at or visit the Goodbye Graffiti website.


Page reviewed 07 September 2021