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While there is currently no authority for the Minister to approve remote attendance of those councillors, it is anticipated that we will soon be able to advise that amendments to regulations allowing remote attendance have been put in place.

In the meantime, local governments can seek Ministerial approval, under section 5.7 of the Local Government Act to reduce the number of offices of member required for a quorum at a council meeting.

This power is delegated to the department.

The department will be supporting councils to ensure that council business can continue in the event that there is not a quorum.

The department will make every effort to process applications within 4 hours of receipt.

Please email the request to:

In the application, please advise:

  • the date and type of the Council meeting
  • whether approval is sought under 5.7(1) or 5.7(2)
  • if approval is required under 5.7(2), please include the agenda item numbers for the absolute majority decisions that require a reduced quorum
  • the number of offices of member –
    • that normally form a quorum, and
    • that are required to form a quorum for the specified meeting.
  • provide the names of the councillors who cannot attend due to ill health or self-isolation as a result of the pandemic
  • provide the names of the councillors who cannot attend for any other reason.


Page reviewed 07 September 2021