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To continue to support local governments during the COVID-19 outbreak, the department is urgently progressing amendments to the following Local Government Regulations:

  • financial management
  • functions and general, and 
  • long service leave.

An overview of the amendments is outlined below:

Local Government (Financial Management) Regulations

The removal of the requirement to give public notice during a state of emergency when
  • repurposing financial reserves
  • borrowing money
  • changing the use of borrowed money

for the purpose of responding to the emergency.

Local Government (Functions and General) Regulations

An increase to the tender threshold to $250,000.
Removing the requirement to publicly invite tenders during a state of emergency for:
  • the supply of goods or services associated with a state of emergency and 
  • a contract renewal or extension of no more than 12 months when the original contract is to expire within three months.

Local Government (Long Service Leave) Regulations:

  • clarifying that long service leave will continue to be accrued during any period of absence from duty due to the employer’s response during a state of emergency
  • allowing long service leave to be taken in two or more separate periods and
  • allowing employees to access long service leave during a state of emergency if they have completed at least seven years of continuous service.

The regulations are due to be gazetted on Thursday 9 April 2020 and take effect on Friday 10 April 2020.

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