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Remote gravel road in Western Australia

Restrictions on entry to remote Aboriginal communities remain in place to protect the health and wellbeing of residents. Communities will still be closed to tourists and travellers. Some exemptions may apply for travel into Aboriginal communities.

The Western Australian Government recently announced more changes to the coronavirus rules. The changes are part of Phase 4 of the WA Roadmap.

  • From Saturday 27 June, groups of any size can gather.
  • There are no limits on how many people can attend a funeral or go to church.
  • Everyone can get together for cultural business again. 
  • People can travel around in big groups for football and other sports.

However, the rules about remote Aboriginal communities are not changing. Communities will still be closed to tourists and travellers.

And Western Australia’s border with the eastern states will remain closed.

Phase 5 of the WA Roadmap is expected to start from Saturday 18 July.

Exclusions from travel rules

Remote Aboriginal communities can apply for an exclusion from the existing travel rules.

It must be shown that the community involved has good health and safety plan to replace the rules, to make sure residents and visitors are protected from the coronavirus.

If communities are seeking to be excluded from the travel rules, please send an email to the Complex Task Team – Remote Aboriginal Communities at

Community entry controls

The WA Government may remove travel restrictions for remote Aboriginal communities as part of Phase 6 of the WA Roadmap.

A date for Phase 6 has not yet been set, and it will depend on infection rates in the eastern states.

Removing travel restrictions may be concerning to you and your residents. You might want to keep control over who visits your community.

There may be ways you can do this. Many remote communities have legal powers to control who enters, and these powers can be used to limit visitor access.

You could put up road signs asking travellers not to come into your community or use the internet and social media to tell people about your community’s safety requirements.

Further questions and information

For any further questions about coronavirus and advice on what it means Aboriginal remote communities please email or visit the WA Government website.

More information about the coronavirus is on the WA Government website or call 13 COVID (13 268 43).


Page reviewed 07 September 2021