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Aboriginal children at Moore River Settlement Church, courtesy of the AHWA collection. Aboriginal viewers are advised that the above photograph may contain images of people who have died.


Launched in conjunction with National Sorry Day and Reconciliation Week, The Journey of Health and Wellbeing is a 10-minute animation that encourages Western Australian's to reflect and confront shared histories, and to highlight goals of positive change and growth.

National Reconciliation Week was held from 27 May to 3 June 2020. This year, with many planned events cancelled around WA, the emphasis was shifted from the usual street banner project to the digital space. Visit the National Reconciliation website for more information.

The animation was developed by the Aboriginal Health Policy Directorate at the Department of Health, in discussion with consultants Tim Muirhead and Danny Ford who have been providing face-to-face Aboriginal cultural learning across the sector for a number of years. It shows how events of the past play out in the present and offers a framework of hope and equity.

While the concepts were developed by Tim and Danny, they grew from the shared stories and experiences of many. We honour all those whose lives informed them.

For more information visit the Department of Health's website.



Page reviewed 07 September 2021