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The model provides local governments with the ability to assess how adjustments to current rating structures and planned capital expenditure programs might impact a local government's financial position over a 10-year horizon.

The model takes a local government's long-term financial plan (LTFP) as a starting point to identify its forecast trajectory of financial performance over a 10-year period. It then provides a local government with the capability to adjust key financial 'levers' in order to assess long term solvency and sustainability.

WATC are the lead agency implementing the roll-out of the Sustainability Financial Model and will be supported by:

Roll-out will occur in 2 phases based on local government capability, financial vulnerability and the building of a network of 'champions' to support the broader implementation process.

The department are organising an question and answer session on the modelling with details of the expression of interest process to follow.

You can view the gender equality plan at the Department of Communities website.


Page reviewed 07 September 2021