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  • Local government financial data for 2018-19 now available on the MyCouncil website
  • Residents and ratepayers can tell at a glance how their council is performing and keep them accountable

The website has been updated to include 2018-19 financial information and includes a Financial Health Indicator — a score which allows people to see the financial health of their council at a glance.

The website also includes information on what local governments raise in rates and how much they spend, details of councillor remuneration and gender diversity, and waste and recycling.

The website allows people to compare their council with another, and is designed to increase transparency and allow the community to ask their local government questions and keep them accountable.

The site is also welcomed by local governments which use it as a barometer of successful financial management.

MyCouncil website: providing geograph, demographic and financial snapshots of local governments

Financially healthier sector:

  • raised over $4.2 billion+ revenue
  • more than 50% from rates
  • provided $4.3 billion+ essential community services
  • maintained assets valued at $45 billion+
  • 15,000+ employees


Page reviewed 07 September 2021