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Similar to the industry specific COVID Safety Guidelines and Plans first introduced in May, the COVID Event Guidelines and Plans will ensure event organisers play their role in keeping Western Australians safer, reduces the potential risk and spread of COVID-19 and gives event-goers more confidence to attend and participate in events.
A COVID Event Plan will not be required for events that form part of the usual business of places for which there is an existing public building approval.
From 25 September 2020, a public or private event involving more than 500 patrons that requires local government authority approval will need an approved COVID Event Plan as part of that process.
The COVID Event Plans will need to consider and identify public health measures to ensure the safety of patrons including physical distancing requirements, hygiene and cleaning regimes, and staff management.
As a result of the new system, music festivals could be approved, pending assessment of plans by the Department of Health.
As part of a COVID Event Plan, organisers may also need to designate employees as COVID Safety Marshals. A COVID Safety Marshal is nominated or employed by the event organiser to monitor that the public health measures in the COVID Event Plan are implemented.
All events will be subject to the provision of a minimum of 2sqm per person in the areas where patrons are permitted.
COVID Event Plans will be approved through the relevant local government authority, however, if an event is deemed 'high risk', it may be referred to the Department of Health for a decision by an authorised officer.
High risk factors may include large patron numbers, increased duration of the event, indoor only events, activities that lead to difficulty in maintaining physical distancing (mosh pits, dance floors, bouncy castles), presence of alcohol or illicit drugs, inability to contract trace patrons and ongoing mixing of people who do not know each other.
COVID Event Plans must be approved prior to the event taking place. If the risk to public health remains too high, a COVID Event Plan may not be approved and therefore the event will not take place.
Organisers are required to register their event on the Department of Health Events Register.
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Page reviewed 27 February 2023