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LG Alert

It contains 92 questions (89 for regional councils) relating to the prescribed statutory requirements in regulation 13 of the Local Government (Audit) Regulations 1996. There are 10 optional questions.

The local government’s audit committee is required to review the completed 2020 Compliance Audit Return and report the results to council prior to its adoption by council. It must then be submitted to the department by 31 March 2021.

Non-compliance reported in the 2020 Compliance Audit Return should be a reminder for local government officers to engage with council members via the audit committee, providing advice on what action has or will be taken to address it.

Smart Hub

Queries relating to the 2020 Compliance Audit Return can be directed to the department by emailing

Smart Hub access

To gain access to Smart Hub for the first time, provide name(s), position(s) and local government email address(es) to with the subject line ‘Smart Hub access request’.

Please provide an individual email for all officers requiring access rather than a generic email address.

Each officer will receive a personalised secure login from Microsoft with further instructions to connect. Note: depending on computer settings, the Microsoft email can finish up in the junk email box.


Page reviewed 06 May 2022