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  • Launch of nearly $1 million two-year trial planned for May
  • Trial to combine Banned Drinkers Register and Takeaway Alcohol Management System
  • Initiative part of State Government's wider work to address alcohol-related harm 

The first BDR trial was introduced in the Pilbara last December, but came into full effect on Monday (January 4).

The BDR aims to address alcohol-related harm by targeting problem drinkers and restricting their access to takeaway alcohol.

Western Australian company Scantek will provide technology that will scan an ID and display a green light if the sale can proceed or a red light if the individual is a registered banned drinker and cannot legally be sold takeaway alcohol.

The scanner will also include the Takeaway Alcohol Management System, which allows customers to responsibly purchase alcohol according to a daily volume limit for their area.

Personal information on the BDR will remain confidential and no records will be kept by licensees about the purchaser, what they have purchased or if they have been refused service.

People who would like to voluntarily remove their access to takeaway alcohol can elect to be placed on the BDR.

Those identified as banned drinkers will be directed to appropriate community services to provide access to relevant support programs and initiatives.

The Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries will soon begin extensive consultation with licensees and other key stakeholders.

The trial is supported by the Kimberley's four local governments.

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