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His Majesty's Theatre exterior

The Bill will replace Perth Theatre Trust with the Arts and Culture Trust, contains amendments to provide legislative authority for Western Australia’s proposed screen facility.

The amendments will enable the State Government to establish, own and operate the screen production facility business and enter into a management agreement.

The Perth Theatre Trust manages His Majesty’s Theatre and the State Theatre Centre, as well as Albany Entertainment Centre and Subiaco Arts Centre.

In addition to providing the legislative authority for the screen production facility, the Bill will extend the Arts and Culture Trust’s responsibility to a variety of art and cultural venues and public spaces.

The Trust will also have the capacity to optimise the potential of the assets it controls, creating flow-on benefits for local businesses around Trust properties.

Its role will include attracting and contracting events, activities and commercial tenancies to enliven cultural assets such as the Perth Cultural Centre, activating the area.


Page reviewed 06 May 2022