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Illustration of a group of people with the Be a vocal local branding

Ordinary local government elections are held every two years, with the upcoming elections taking place on October 16.

Most local governments hold postal voting elections, conducted by the WA Electoral Commission (WAEC). Elections held by in-person voting may be held by WAEC or the local government. 

The State Government has been running the 'Be a Vocal Local' campaign in partnership with the WA Local Government Association, Local Government Professionals WA and WAEC, encouraging Western Australians to play an active role in the elections. 

For the upcoming ordinary elections on October 16 2021, there are 640 vacancies across 139 local governments, including two Indian Ocean Territories. 

For more information on how to vote in the 2021 local elections, contact your local government.

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Page reviewed 06 May 2022