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Staff at a conference stall with signage

The convention was a great opportunity for both tiers of government to positively engage with one another, and for DLGSC to provide information to attendees on a range of subjects and services relevant to the local government sector.

The AGM which took place Monday 20 September 2021 saw the formalisation of the Partners in Government Agreement, which was signed by LGPWA State President Jamie Parry, WALGA President Mayor Tracey Roberts and Local Government Minister John Carey. The agreement seeks to strengthen the important relationship between the State and local government sectors for the benefit of WA communities.

The AGM also saw the presentation of the prestigious Local Government Honour and Local Government Road Safety awards. Congratulations to the elected officials and councils who were recognised for their achievements. 

Three people signing a document, seated at a desk

Above: Jamie Parry, LGPWA State President, Hon John Carey MLA, Minister for Local Government and Mayor Tracey Roberts, WALGA President signing the Partners in Government Agreement.


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