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A group of puppies

Puppy farming is the breeding of dogs in poor, inadequate conditions and can result in animals with long-term health and behavioural issues.

The new laws will help to ensure ethical standards for the breeding and sale of dogs, preventing neglect and reducing the number of dogs requiring rehoming.

More than 5000 submissions were received during consultation on the legislation with overwhelming support in the community.

Under the new laws a central registration system will be set up so that people can register their dogs online.

This will assist authorities to track dogs and rapidly identify puppy farming activities.

A central registration system will also replace the separate registration systems run by local governments, easing the regulatory burden and cutting red tape for councils and dog owners.

The new laws will include:

  • mandatory sterilisation of dogs by two years of age unless exempt
  • a requirement for consumers to receive information at purchase about where dogs have come from
  • the transition of pet shops into adoption centres
  • a centralised registration system to hold information on dogs, cats and approved breeders, to assist with monitoring and enforcement
  • the de-muzzling of pet greyhounds.  

A public awareness campaign will be launched to inform the community on the new laws.

Stop Puppy Farming


Page reviewed 06 May 2022