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Maylands streetscape at dusk

Eight kilometres from the Perth CBD, the City of Bayswater is home to a culturally diverse and vibrant community set against the backdrop of four thriving town centres, more than 380 hectares of green open space and a 10 kilometre stretch of the Swan River.

It operates three libraries, two community centres, three recreation centres and supports more than 200 local sporting clubs. It is home to 177 parks, ovals and open spaces, 123 playgrounds, and a local road network spanning 360 kilometres.

Tell us a bit about the City of Bayswater?

The City of Bayswater is governed by a progressive Council which listens to its community. We place importance on sustainability and the environment, improving the amenity of town centres, engaging with the community, and creating the opportunity for people to make the most of living in this inner city location. The City has built a reputation on providing services our community value.

How has the City of Bayswater changed in recent years?

The City is set for a period of extended growth. Morley has been identified as a Strategic Metropolitan Centre by the State Government, and this has opened the door for the activity centre to be completely transformed. The Galleria Shopping Centre is set to undergo a major redevelopment, and further development and diversification in the centre will transition Morley into the City’s social, economic and civic centre.

State Government projects, including METRONET, will make the City easily accessible and an attractive location for both businesses and residents. The redevelopment of the Bayswater Train Station will see it become one of the busiest in the metropolitan area.

The City will also continue to benefit from a shift to sustainable practices, protecting its environmental assets for generations to come.

What major projects did you get underway at the City?

There have been many highlights during my time at the City. I’m particularly proud to have led these initiatives:

SEED internal review — the purpose was to make recommendations to improve service efficiency by undertaking individual service reviews and a review of the organizational structure. This process won a number of awards, including an Australian Business Award, and saved the organisation approximately $800,000 in the 2017-18 Financial Year.

Participatory Budgeting — which provided the community, for the first time, the opportunity to inform the City's entire operating budget. A project that was very well received by the Council and the community.

Emission Reduction and Renewable Energy Plan — the City is implementing its first ERRE Plan, which will see the City use 100% renewable electricity for City operations by 2025, and be carbon neutral by 2040.

Local Economic and Social Stimulus package — this saw us navigate the COVID-19 pandemic by investing in the community. This included a number of major projects including the redevelopment of Maylands Waterland, due to reopen to the public in April this year; the redevelopment of the Morley Sport and Recreation Centre; Noranda Netball Courts; and Bayswater Waves. Through our response to COVID-19 we also managed to redeploy all our staff and ensured that we retained all of our staff during this very challenging time.

What issues and opportunities are on the horizon for the City?

State Government investment in the area is bringing with it considerable opportunities and the City is well positioned to capitalise on this, which will take this local government area to the next level.

The population is going to increase, there are urban infill targets to meet, the redevelopment of the Galleria shopping centre, new train stations and precincts, and opportunities for development including the Les Hansman Centre and Maylands Brickworks.

I know the organisation is up to the challenge and I look forward to watching the continued success of the City.

What are your reflections on your time at the City?

I came to Bayswater with a clear vision which was supported by the Council. I focused outwardly to provide high-level services and customer service standards for the community, and inwardly to create a supportive, efficient and high performing organisation. I am proud to say that has been achieved.

There is an incredible amount of talent at the City of Bayswater and over the past three years, City projects have won 30 awards and received 10 high commendations. This is a significant achievement and has cemented the City’s reputation as an industry leader and a local government to watch.

I have had the privilege of leading an organisation with a workforce and Executive team who are passionate about what they do and push themselves to provide high-level services and exceed the expectations of our community.

Is there anything you would like to add?

I will always value my time spent at the City.

The City is poised for great things, and with a passionate workforce, solid leadership and a focused council, I know Bayswater will continue to move from strength to strength.


Page reviewed 06 May 2022