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Ni, boola daa waangkiny — ‘Listen, to the many voices talking’, is the guiding principle for preparing the business case and project definition plan for the Aboriginal Cultural Centre. This Noongar name reflects the key message for the Aboriginal engagement strategy as work progresses towards the completion of the Aboriginal Cultural Centre business case.

The work on the project has continued in earnest with the efforts of the project team and the Whadjuk representatives progressing key milestones of the project such as the selection of the site for the future Centre and the community engagement to inform the project development. The first round of engagement with the Noongar communities is nearing completion, with overwhelming support for the project being recorded. As COVID numbers reduce each day and communities manage the impacts of the virus, planning for regional engagement is progressing.

The June Steering Committee meeting marks the second Noongar language lesson delivered by Cynthia Garlett from the Noongar Boodjar Language Centre. The Aboriginal Cultural Centre Steering Committee and project team are learning the language spoken on Whadjuk Boodjar, where the Aboriginal Cultural Centre will be located.

Sabine Winton MLA, Barry Winmar, Beverly Port Lois, Hon Madeline King MP, Hon Linda Burney MP, Charne Hayden, Peter Hill and Patrick Gorman MP.

The Whadjuk Aboriginal Cultural Centre Cultural Authority (WACCCA) members met Hon Linda Burney MP, Minister for Indigenous Australians, at the Federal Government’s announcement to commit $50 million to the project.

Photo right to left: Sabine Winton MLA (Chair Steering Committee), Barry Winmar (WACCCA), Beverly Port Lois (WACCCA), Hon Madeline King MP (Minister for Resources), Hon Linda Burney MP (Minister for Indigenous Australians), Charne Hayden (WACCCA), Peter Hill (WACCCA) and Patrick Gorman MP.

Aboriginal Engagement Strategy

The first round of engagement meetings have been held with the Aboriginal community of the south-west and discussions with regional Aboriginal communities are underway. Further engagement will take place in July through to October with the Project Team invited to attend on country gatherings of Aboriginal organisations throughout the State. The Whadjuk Cultural Authority Representatives, members of the ACC project team and the Steering Committee Chair, Sabine Winton will participate in regional discussions where possible.

New members to the Steering Committee

The Aboriginal Cultural Centre welcomes the Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation (JTSI) and Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage (DPLH) as members of the Aboriginal Cultural Centre Steering Committee. Both of these Departments will provide a valuable contribution to the Aboriginal Cultural Centre planning with regards to tourism opportunities, workforce development, planning and heritage considerations.

Australian Government $50 million commitment

The Steering Committee noted the Australian Government’s election commitment of $50 million toward the Aboriginal Cultural Centre as a significant contribution for the future of the project.

The Whadjuk Aboriginal Cultural Centre Cultural Authority (WACCCA) members were pleased to attend the media event with the Australian Labor Party representatives to announce the election commitment, this included the Hon Linda Burney MP, Minister for Indigenous Australians.


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