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8 organisations will share in $25,910 from the Active Regional Communities Grants Program in the latest funding allocation and $6300 in total from the North West Travel Subsidy Scheme has been provided to 3 applicants.

Sport and recreation activities to receive funding include karting, cycling, swimming and basketball.

The Active Regional Communities Grants program aims to increase opportunities to meet the ever-changing demands and challenges of sport and active recreation groups within the 9 diverse regions of the State.

The North West Travel Subsidy Scheme encourages participation in identified sport and recreation activities for athletes living in the Kimberley, Pilbara and Gascoyne regions. The scheme offers financial assistance to not-for-profit sport and active recreation organisations to help offset the costs of travel to inter-regional competitions and events.

Funding is always open for both programs through the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries. 

List of successful applicants for the 2022-23 Active Regional Communities Grants
Organisation Project Description Funding
Albany City Kart Club Inc (Albany Region) Round One Western Australia Championship series The race meeting will attract between 150-200 entrants and 600 attendees from across the State. Event will provide upskilling and capacity building opportunities for officials and coaches. The race meeting will improve the skills of young drivers ranging from 8-15 years old. Senior drivers will also benefit from exposure to this large, professionally run race meeting. $5,000
Manjimup Speedway Club Inc (Bunbury Region) SSWA Production Sedans State Title The delivery of the SSWA Production Sedan State Title will be the 26th title held for this division. It is estimated there will be 60-70 competitors vying for the title in Manjimup. The state title event will be supported by junior drivers (two classes) and the street stock division, and this will offer the public an opportunity to see and experience this exciting division of speedway racing. $2,500
4Five+ Athlete Collective Incorporated (Bunbury Region) Tiger Tracks Gravel — Learn Ride Race A weekend gravel cycling event at Jalbarragup near Nannup, showcasing gravel riding in the South West and developing the local gravel riding community, with an aim of becoming an annual event. The project will build female participation in cycling in providing targeted support to female riders to build skills and confidence through pre-event group rides, and skills and mechanics sessions. The Tiger Tracks event weekend will provide participation options for male and female riders from novice through to expert, and those with restricted abilities. $5,000
Gascoyne Off Road Racing Club Inc (Gascoyne Region) 2023 Kickstarters Gascoyne Dash Event Hosting — to deliver the annual Kickstarts Gascoyne Dash, assisting in the hire of equipment. Capacity Building — to grow and strengthen the sport by improving organisational governance and training/mentoring for volunteers to obtain officials accreditation. $4,000
Northern Zone of the Pony Club Association of WA Inc (Geraldton Region) Foundations of Show Jumping The project will help to improve and increase the knowledge and skills base of the parents, coaches and riders in the discipline of show jumping. The project will hopefully encourage those participating to start their pathway to become accredited officials to offset the cost of bringing accredited officials from Perth to officiate at their events. $1,260
Shire of Yalgoo (Geraldton Region) Coordinated Sports Program — Yalgoo The project will achieve a structured sports program located in Yalgoo that includes up to four sports and school children across the Midwest/Murchison sub region. This program will deliver healthy outcomes as well as life lessons from team sports for the participants, and also build capacity in the volunteer community to make the event sustainable into the future. $5,000
Woodridge Horse Association (Northam Region) Diverse Youth This project will help empower members/volunteers and increase their opportunities in sport by providing opportunities through tailored training programs and active recreational activities. The activities will enable young people to become active citizens and give back to their community. Some non-riding activities will encourage people who would not normally be able to participate in equine activities to feel part of a group. Providing pathways and opportunity to further education will help to retain older members. $1,500
Midwest Kart Club Inc (Geraldton Region) Round 2 Western Australian Championship Series This race meeting will attract between 150-200 entrants and upwards of 600 attendees. The race meeting will improve the skills of young drivers with ages ranging from 8-15 years. Senior drivers will also benefit from the exposure to this large, professionally run race meeting. This event will provide upskilling and capacity building opportunities for officials and volunteers. $1,650
List of successful applicants for the 2022-23 North West Travel Subsidy
Organisation Project Description Funding
Exmouth Amateur Swimming Club Inc (Geraldton Region) Travel to WA Country Pennants Assistance for team travel to the Country Pennants, which brings Clubs from across the State to compete against each other. Northam is hosting this year’s event. The club has a large team of swimmers that have qualified and the most economical method of travel is via bus. It will also involve three overnight stays. $2,000
All Hedland Basketball Association (Karratha Region) Basketball WA Country Championships — Juniors Assistance for junior representative teams from Port and South Hedland to travel to Perth to compete at the Basketball WA Country Championships being held in Perth, 25-26 February 2023. Players will have the opportunity to be talent identified for high performance pathways. Junior Officials will receive additional mentoring and the opportunity to officiate elite junior competition.$2,300
Carnarvon Amateur Swimming Club (Geraldton Region) Country Pennants Competition 2023 — Northam Travel assistance to enable Carnarvon Amateur Swimming Club swimmers to travel from Carnarvon to Northam WA for 2023 Country Pennants competition 4-5 March 2023.$2,000


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