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2 performers performing on stage. One is playing a guitar.

Photo: Mararo Wangai and Mahamudo Selimane in Black Brass by Mararo Wangai, produced by Performing Lines WA and presented by Perth Festival, March 2021. Photo by Christophe Canato.

A suite of 3D artworks by Noongar artists, viewable via augmented reality, is one of the exciting new projects to come out of the Arts 15k-plus program that supports larger arts projects.

The Arts 15k-plus provides up to $60,000 for artists or organisations to deliver a one-off project or a program of activities. The 15k-plus arts project funding is an open and competitive program that ensures the very best of WA’s arts projects for individuals and organisations can be created.

Arts 15k-plus recipients round 2 2022-23

  • Performing Lines Ltd $59,997
    Creative development of theatre show LEGENDS (of the Golden Arches). LEGENDS explores the history of Chinese myth culture, sacredness and friendship.
  • E H Reitze and R W Taylor $40,150
    Women of Music Production Perth (WOMPP) Writers Camp 2023. The music producer and songwriter’s camp will be held at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts.
  • City of Fremantle $58,800
    Nidja Nyulluk Boodjar site specific artworks. Noongar artists will collaborate with immersive art developers to create a suite of 3D digital artworks viewable via augmented reality technology. The artworks will launch as part of the Fremantle Festival: 10 Nights in Port.
  • Children's Book Council of Australia Inc. $58,650
    Western Australia (CBCA WA) Book Week 2023 held in metropolitan and country centres across Western Australia to engage young people with reading and literary creativity and promote quality children’s and young adult literature.
  • Emily Barker $21,892
    Development of marketing assets for Emily Barker's album 'Fragile as Humans'. The singer-songwriter will create and develop album release assets and content with creative agency Headjam.
  • Rosemarie Sitorus $42,840
    Music theatre creative development of The Boss 'Biyalbajarri'. This new work is inspired by the life of Thiinma man Peter Salmon, with original old country, traditional and choral music.
  • Michelle Smith $26,923
    The instrumental jazz harp trio ‘Turiya’ will record, manufacture and release a debut album of 10 musical compositions.
  • Kimberley Theatre Inc $59,991
    Theatre Kimberley and multi-platform artists will work alongside the local community to explore identity through the Maori cultural concept of ‘Raranga,’ both as a textile arts expression and as a metaphor for wholeness and community wellness. The project finale is a mainstage work ‘Raranga — The Weave’ integrating storytelling with visual art creations and physical theatre.
  • Daisy Sanders $60,000
    Final development, international fellowship, and residency for 'A Resting Mess'.
  • Amy Perejuan-Capone $30,348
    Defendo, a solo exhibition and residency.

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