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These amendments are an important element of the most significant reform of the Local Government Act 1995 in 25 years and will strengthen local democracy and provide greater transparency and accountability.

Local Government Regulations Amendment Regulations (No. 2) 2023

The Regulations amend the following to implement the priority reforms:

Following the recent passage of the Local Government Amendment Act 2023, the Regulations include the following reforms ahead of the 2023 local government elections:

  • grouping of all local governments into classes 1, 2, 3 and 4 that align with the current band system determined by the Salaries and Allowances Tribunal
  • removing wards for classes 3 and 4 local governments and requiring classes 1 and 2 local governments to have a popularly elected mayor or president – this creates consistency across the sector and aligns with recent trends for local government representation
  • implementation of optional preferential voting for all local government elections
  • improved candidate gift disclosures
  • other consequential amendments in the lead up to the 2023 elections.

In addition, the Regulations prescribe what is a “significant act” to restrict what local governments may do during the caretaker period, with these new statewide requirements to be in effect for the subsequent 2025 local government elections.

Details about the Regulations can be found on our website.

Final set of orders for council representation changes

The Governor has made the final set of orders changing the wards and representation of 44 local governments in Gazette No. 88 and 89 of 2023.

Details of the changes for each local government are available on our website.


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Page reviewed 27 February 2023