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A smoking ceremony was performed prior to the start of the meeting to acknowledge that the meeting was taking place during a difficult time for Aboriginal people across Australia post the defeated Voice Referendum on 14 October 2024. The Aboriginal committee members were thanked for their resilience and generosity in continuing to contribute to the project.

Terms of reference

Updates to terms of reference for both the Project Control Group and the Access and Mobility Working Group were endorsed by the committee. These updates were made to ensure consistency across the ACC Steering Committee and its formal subcommittees.

Final business case

The final Aboriginal Cultural Centre (ACC) business case to be presented to the Major Projects Expenditure Review Sub-Committee (MPERSC) was endorsed by the Steering Committee prior to it being submitted on 29 November 2023, with the inclusion of the following supporting documentation:

  • updated cost plan
  • updated time plan
  • updated risk register and treatment plan
  • issues register (incorporating all feedback from agencies).

The Chair acknowledged the work by the Steering Committee and the ACC project team to deliver the final ACC business case for approval by the State Government.


Discussion was held about feedback from Aboriginal stakeholders having a preference in embedding the Project in the cultural authority of the regions before wider community engagement occurs.


Page reviewed 27 February 2023