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The register targets individuals impacted by alcohol, and restricts their access to takeaway alcohol by alerting sellers when they scan the customer’s identification. It is being trialled in the Pilbara, Kimberley, Goldfields, Carnarvon and Gascoyne Junction.

The Liquor Control Amendment (Banned Drinkers Register) Bill 2023 establishes a clear framework for when and how a banned drinker area or banned drinker order can be applied as well as measures and penalties for enforcement.

The legislation makes it mandatory for licensees in banned drinker areas to scan eligible photo IDs and decline sales to banned drinkers.

It allows police to register individuals for alcohol-related offences, including alcohol-related violence and drink driving, not just in or near licensed premises. Health professionals and social workers can also refer individuals.

The changes, due to come into effect mid December 2023, require online liquor retailers to check the register before going ahead with any sale of takeaway alcohol to banned drinker areas.

It will also be an offence to knowingly supply takeaway alcohol to banned individuals, attracting fines of up to $10,000.

Police are getting powers to seize or dispose of liquor in the possession of someone on the register.

The Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries will continue to engage with key stakeholders.

The enhanced Banned Drinkers Register will be comprehensively evaluated to determine its future beyond the next 2 years.

Liquor Control Amendment (Banned Drinkers Register) Bill 2023

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