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The current meeting system results in differing approaches from council to council as each local government has their own council procedures, standing orders and local laws.

The new regulations aim to make it easier and less confusing for people to understand, attend and participate in council meetings, wherever they are in WA.

Other benefits will include:

  • consistent rules on how meetings are held
  • removing the need (and associated cost) for local governments to develop and review local laws
  • preventing meetings from running past 11pm
  • simplifying training requirements for local government professionals.

Minister Beazley said that consistent meeting rules would also support more orderly and respectful discussion and provide clearer processes to deal with disruption and disorder in meetings.

To provide your feedback, please read the consultation paper and complete the online survey form by Wednesday 29 May 2024.

A webinar on the proposed changes is being held on Thursday 29 February, featuring an address from the Minister for Local Government.

Standardised meeting procedures is just one of a range of local government reforms that are being progressed after the Local Government Amendment Act 2023 was passed in Parliament last May.

The reforms, which are the most significant for the sector in over 25 years, have already delivered a number of electoral reforms to strengthen local democracy.

Further changes are planned this year to increase transparency in local government and help them better serve ratepayers and residents.

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