A list of publications put out by the department's service areas.

List of publications

Alcohol and community sport

The department promotes, encourages and supports strategies to minimise harm from alcohol use in the interests of the health and safety of those participating in sporting and recreational activities.

Dress standards for licensed premises policy

Under section 115(4a) of the Liquor Control Act 1988 (‘the Act’) it is the prerogative of all licensees to set dress standards which are suitable for their particular premises.

Entertainment condition policy

A standard entertainment condition is imposed on most licences.

Exemptions to the Liquor Control Act 1988 policy

Guidance on the specific circumstances whereby the sale, supply and consumption of liquor is exempt from the application of the Act under the Liquor Control Regulations 1989 (‘the regulations’).

Extended Trading Permits – Ongoing and Indefinite policy

This document provides guidance on extended trading permits that are sought for ongoing (i.e. long term) or indefinite circumstances and the factors that the licensing authority may have regard to when considering applications for these permits.

Extended Trading Permits – restaurants holding finger food/cocktail functions policy

Section 50 of the Liquor Control Act 1988 (“the Act‟) authorises a restaurant licence to sell and supply liquor for consumption on the licensed premises only ancillary to a meal supplied by the licensee and eaten by the patron on the licensed premises.

Extended Trading Permits/Variations – One-off events or functions policy

Under section 60 of the Act the licensing authority may grant an extended trading permit (ETP) authorising the licensee to sell and supply liquor in circumstances to which the licence would not otherwise apply.

Golf Courses — Sale and Consumption of Liquor Guideline

To provide guidance on the requirements for the sale and consumption of liquor on golf courses.

Liquor Control Act 1988 Report of the Independent Review Committee cover

Liquor Control Act 1988 Report of the Independent Review Committee

Presented to the Minister for Racing and Gaming

Liquor Control Act 1998 A Guide for Local Governments

Information for local governments in relation to the Liquor Control Act 1988 and the development of a local liquor policy.

Managers at licensed premises policy

An approved manager must, unless the Director of Liquor Licensing determines otherwise, be present at the licensed premises.

Mandatory training policy

Guidance for mandatory training

Off-site storage of liquor policy

Under the Liquor Control Act 1988 (‘the Act’), the sale and supply of liquor must always take place on or from the licensed premises.

Proceedings before the director of liquor licensing policy

Under section 16 of the Liquor Control Act 1988 (‘the Act’), the licensing authority is required to act without undue formality and is not bound by the legal rules of evidence.

Responsible promotion and advertising of liquor

This document provides the industry with a framework of practices to follow in the responsible promotion and advertising of liquor.

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