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List of publications


Making Music Work cover

Making Music Work: Sustainable Portfolio Careers for Australian Musicians

The study explored the conditions and strategies needed for Australian musicians to sustain successful portfolio careers. The vast majority of Australian musicians’ careers encompass a variety of concurrent and often impermanent roles.

WA Creative Industries: An Economic Snapshot

WA Creative Industries: An Economic Snapshot, 2019

Information on the current economic situation for creative industries in Western Australia. Includes data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics Census 2016 and Labour Force Survey.

Creative Industries Statistical Analysis Infographic

An Overview of Western Australia's Creative Industries, 2013

Infographic - The cultural and creative industries are those areas of practice that turn original individual creativity into social and commercial outcomes.

Creative Industries Statistical Analysis report

Creative Industries Statistical Analysis for Western Australia, 2013

The report has updated the mapping undertaken in 2007 with the 2011 Census employment data to provide invaluable information for the State’s creative industries, their peak associations and potential investors.

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