A list of publications put out by the department's service areas.

List of publications


Responsible promotion and advertising of liquor

This document provides the industry with a framework of practices to follow in the responsible promotion and advertising of liquor.

Residential premises — licensing requirement

Guidance as to the legislative requirements associated with the grant of a licence and it also identifies the matters that the licensing authority may have regard to when considering applications in respect of a residential premises.

Standards of licensed premises

Guidance as to the legislative requirements and criteria that will be used when considering the suitability of premises to be licensed under the Act.

Refusal of service — powers of licensees

This guideline explains the provisions of the Liquor Control Act 1988 (the Act) that can be relied upon by licensees and other authorised persons to refuse service to people.

Profit sharing and management agreements

Guidance on the legislative provisions relating to profit sharing and management arrangements, and the circumstances that must be taken into consideration when contemplating such arrangements.

Producer’s licence

Guidance for producers licence.

Proceedings before the director of liquor licensing

Under section 16 of the Liquor Control Act 1988 (‘the Act’), the licensing authority is required to act without undue formality and is not bound by the legal rules of evidence.

Outlet density — packaged liquor premises

Guidance on packaged liquor sales.

Off-site storage of liquor

Under the Liquor Control Act 1988 (‘the Act’), the sale and supply of liquor must always take place on or from the licensed premises.

Objections and submissions

Legislative requirements relevant to objections and submissions under the Act.


Guidance on lodgers on licensed premises.

Liquor accords

Guidance as to the legislative and operational requirements associated with Liquor Accords.

Juveniles present on licensed premises for reasons other than work/training

Guidance on the legislative provisions regarding the situations where it is acceptable for a juvenile to be present on licensed premises (for reasons other than approved work experience/training).

Inspection of records and access to documents

Guidance to the legislative and operational requirements associated with the inspection of and access to documents relating to licensed premises that are held by the licensing authority.

Incident register at licensed premises

To provide licensees with guidance regarding their obligations in relation to recording incidents that occur on and in the vicinity of their licensed premises.

Harm minimisation

The sale, supply and consumption of liquor needs to be carefully regulated.

Free drinking water

Licensees must ensure that water suitable for drinking is provided, free of charge, at all times when liquor is sold and supplied for consumption on the licensed premises.

Fire safety measures in licensed premises

A policy to provide a set of minimum fire safety measures for licensed premises

Extended Trading Permits — Caterers Ongoing

Guidance on extended trading permits that are sought for providing catering services (with or without food) at venues away from the licensed premises.

Extended Trading Permits — area (ongoing)

Guidance on the legislative requirements relating to extended trading permits (ETP) for extended areas.

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