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This short paper is a benchmarking input into the early conceptual scoping of the department’s new value framework. In our project proposal we talked about the need to review international literature on best practice models and measurement to help aid the design of the new framework and help identify appropriate sources of peer review for the project.

This short paper shares some of that early review work, but with explicit reference to the emerging logic framework developed through early discussions between the department and the Pracsys team. That framework begins to identify some of the key categories under ‘outcome’ and ‘impact’ areas that are of particular interest to the department. This short benchmarking analysis will comment on those dimensions of the logic model that are open to different interpretations and design modifications, using insights from international debate about the evaluation and measurement of public investment in the arts to help refine the emerging logic model.

In addition, this paper will seek to raise some broader issues arising from the benchmarking review that the department needs to consider at this early scoping stage of the project – which impact both on the design of the value framework, but also on the downstream strategy for measurement and evaluation. In other words, it is important at this stage to not only benchmark the emerging framework, but to stress test the robustness of the model, and the conceptual clarity underpinning it.

With those aims in mind, this short document does not aim to be a comprehensive literature review – although key documents reviewed are listed in the bibliography. Rather the aim is to offer some indicative views, underpinned by key references, about the key issues and possible approaches that the department need to work through with the Pracsys team over the coming weeks. As we firm up the logic model, we can then benchmark in more detail some of the key elements and design options within the value framework.

Page reviewed 11 September 2023