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Weight Cutting Strategy Update

The Combat Sports Commission has continued to develop its strategy to address rapid weight loss (weight cutting) by dehydration.

Throughout the development of this strategy, the Commission has thoroughly explored all avenues of addressing this dangerous practice, including dehydration testing and setting minimum weights using DEXA body scanning data, however these methods have proven to be unviable for inclusion in the strategy.

As such, the Commission has adopted weight class conditions to address weight cutting.

Weight class conditions

Initial weigh-in (within 24 hours):

  • Contestants must weigh within their nominated weight class. (There will be a 500gm allowance.)
  • If a Contestant misses weight at the initial weigh-in, more than once, the Commission will move to impose a condition on the Contestant’s registration requiring the Contestant go up a weight class.
    • Where there are consecutive occurrences of missing weight, the Commission will enforce weight class conditions.
    • Where there are multiple, non-consecutive occurrences of missing weight, showing patterns or significant instances of missing weight, the Commission may enforce weight class conditions.

Secondary weight check:

  • A secondary weight check will occur in a two-hour window from ‘doors open’ at each promotion.
  • If a Contestant is 10% to 15% above the upper limit of the agreed weight class, the Contestant will receive a warning on the first occasion. After any subsequent occurrence, the Commission will seek to impose a condition on the  Contestant’s registration that they go up a weight class.
  • If a Contestant is more than 15% above the upper limit of the agreed weight class, the Commission will seek to  impose a condition on their registration that the Contestant compete at a higher weight class.

Contesting weight class conditions:

  • The onus is on the Contestant to produce evidence that it is safe to compete at their preferred weight class.
  • This may be done by providing a weight management plan or evidence from the Contestant and a medical practitioner or other relevantly qualified person.

Agreed strategy following previous consultation

The proposed weight class conditions of the strategy complement the previously consulted parts of the strategy which are:

  • Weight Assessment
    • Single weigh-in attempt
    • Amendments to the Certificate of Fitness
  • Regulation
    • Prohibit artificial means of dehydration through the Commission’s Code of Conduct
    • Position paper to be issued to international and interstate Contestants
  • Education
    • Mandatory online education assessment
    • Introduction package
    • Industry education package
    • Contestant Record Book information insert
    • Updated guidelines to reflect changes resulting from the strategy

Current consultation

The Commission is seeking comment on the proposed strategy by 20 December 2019.

Please send any feedback to

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Page reviewed 25 June 2019