WA’s Cultural Groups - Where do you fit in?

In 2012, the department assessed information gathered from five years of independent annual surveys to get a better picture of the cultural groups in WA. This study segmented our population into five groups according to participation in and attitude towards culture and arts.

These groups were :

  • The Advocates - 15.8% 
  • The Culturalists - 14.8% 
  • The Casuals - 33.7% 
  • The Disinterested - 23.7% 
  • The Ambivalents - 12.0% 
 Key findings show very favourable attitudes towards:
  • Supporting Government investment in the arts
  • The benefits of exposure to the arts in school programs.
  • The idea that the arts make us feel good and help us understand our culture.


  • The Advocates and the Culturalists showed the greatest levels of involvement in arts activities.
  • The Casuals show the greatest potential for increased activity in attendance at arts performances and events and are likely to be influenced by social media and digital marketing.
Page reviewed 25 June 2019