Connecting to Country

Supports projects that enable Western Australian Aboriginal people and organisations to undertake on Country trips that foster the intergenerational transfer of knowledge, preservation of culture and strengthening of communities.  

Funding distributed through Connecting to Country is intended to achieve the following objectives:

  • facilitate sharing of cultural knowledge and skills between generations, such as preservation of language, stories and dance
  • recognise Aboriginal cultural leadership within the Aboriginal community and support leadership development in young people
  • contribute to stronger community mental health and wellbeing and
  • promote traditional ways of maintaining cultural knowledge.


Applications are open to Aboriginal communities across Western Australia; or Western Australian groups that work with Aboriginal people in community, who can demonstrate strong Aboriginal governance and leadership in their application.

These may include:

  • Western Australian Aboriginal organisations, including art, language, media, cultural, youth, ranger and other community groups (men’s/women’s groups)
  • education and health service providers
  • WA local government authorities.
Where a non-Aboriginal organisation is the applicant or project lead, evidence of significant Aboriginal involvement in the project, including concept planning, development of the work, decision-making and management is required.


Refer to the guidelines for more information before applying.

Connecting to Country guidelines

Funding overview


Who can apply

Amount available

  • Connecting to Country: Up to $25,000

Funding rounds

Round Open Draft review Close Project start/event dates Category
October 2020 9:00am 13 October 2020 4:00pm 27 October 2020 4:00pm 10 November 2020 1 March 2021 Connecting to Country

Successful applications


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