KidSport Champions

Celebrating 10 years of supporting kids to get involved in community sport.

Montage of Ben Hollow

Ben Hollow has a lot on his plate. The Mandurah teen is a keen sportsman and has tried a long list of different sports. He doesn’t discriminate either — team or individual sports — Ben loves them all.

“I’ve always enjoyed sport as a way to have fun and express my competitive spirit,” said Ben.

For his two main sports — football and swimming — Ben has received KidSport support since 2012.

“Since the age of 6 or 7 KidSport has helped Ben and my other son to enjoy multiple sports — none of which are cheap! It’s a great incentive and helped me to keep them interested in sport rather than sitting inside on computer games like a lot of their peers,” said Ben’s mum Megan.

“KidSport helped me to achieve my goals of swimming at a national level and to play in the WAFL for Peel Thunder. I’m really grateful for both opportunities.” said Ben.

Playing sport has brought more than fitness. It’s taught Ben important leadership skills and a sense of responsibility. 

“It’s given me the values of time management, dedication and hard work, all of which I have transferred to different parts of my life such as studying at school or in the workplace, where I work part time in a retail clothing store,” said Ben.

“Ben has learnt to be structured and organised. If he wants to do all these sports, he knows he must fit in homework, get enough sleep and of course have a bit of down-time. This was especially handy in high school and now he’s studying for ATAR exams,” said Megan.

Megan says Ben has big plans for his future: “He’s made lifelong friendships in team sports where kids learn the benefits of teamwork, working out problems and winning and losing with good sportsmanship.”

“Being club captain of both his football and swim teams at different times has given him great leadership skills which he has taken through to high school where he is currently head boy,” said Megan.

“My goal is to study engineering at university through the Australian Defence Force,” said Ben. “But I also want to stay physically and mentally healthy, and when I play sport I’m at peak happiness.”

Page reviewed 21 July 2022